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Omari Eccleston-Brown

Passionate About the Power of Learning

After graduating from Oxford, I started my career on the news desks at the BBC as a journalist on the Breakfast Show. Working the early shift, I often had the afternoons free to help a couple of students with their homework. Although I had thought my calling would be to use my Spanish to become a globetrotting foreign correspondent, I quickly discovered that my real passion was education. Those few hours I spent tutoring each week were so rewarding for me and I loved seeing children overcome obstacles and reach their potential. So, I decided to say goodbye to the news desks and create Believe in Learning as a full-time private tutor in London.

I'm passionate about learning. In particular, I think learning at home and doing homework don’t have to be boring or stressful. In fact, they can be fun and engaging, and helping families discover that has become a bit of a mission of mine.  That’s why I wrote my first book The Secret to Happy Homework: 7 Hidden Laws of Success, which you can read more about here.

Although I may be teaching Maths or English, the destination isn't what’s most important, but the journey that I take with the student getting there. I want children to feel engaged, motivated and interested, which is why I also offer tutoring in executive functions and creative thinking. I want to equip students with the tools to overcome not just the problems they find in their homework book, but the challenges they will face in later life.

However, I never let students lose sight of their goals. I have a proven track record and have helped hundreds of students achieve the highest grades and enter the best universities and schools in the UK. So, if you are looking for a private tutor in London, the UK or internationally, who will educate your child's heart as well as their mind, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me at Believe in Learning.






This book is really a first...

"This book is really a first. It offers parents concrete steps to help children deal with the pressures of homework while maintaining a close bond with them. Thanks to Omari's book, homework becomes a skill our children can master for life, and one they are actually happy developing!" Rym Ali, Founder of the Jordanian Media Institute   |     |  

The secret is out! 'The Secret to Happy Homework'...

"The secret is out! 'The Secret to Happy Homework' reveals the wonderful lessons that taught my children so much more than how to pass their exams. I’m so glad the wisdom of these approaches is now available to more families." Tunku Dato Yaacob Khyra, Prince of Malaysia   |     |  

Omari is a gifted, dedicated teacher...

Omari is a gifted, dedicated teacher and his deep care for children and those who are supporting them shines through in this practical, insightful guide to making homework a happier, more fulfilling practice. Thank you for writing this book, Omari - parents, teachers, caregivers, you are holding a gem in your hands. Robert & Hollie Holden   |     |   Father and Author of 'Happiness Now', Mother and Founder of the Presence of Love Network





  • Mindfulness Trainer for Children
  • Executive Skills Coach
  • Peak Performance Coach

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