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If you feel like you're constantly butting heads with your child over schoolwork, that's understandable. You're not a trained teacher and most of the time you don’t get much, if any, support.  As your child’s tutor or coach I work with them for maybe two or three hours a week, but the other eight or ten hours it’s left to you. 

However, my Coaching for Parents programme will give you the strategies to reproduce what I do and get the same results. I draw upon proven techniques from my Happy Homework™Programme, but tailor the sessions to your child, your goals and your situation.

Over six to eight sessions we'll address any issues you're having and create a plan to get you to your goal – whether that’s school entry or just calmer, happier homework. You’ll receive ongoing feedback from me personally and guidance on effective ways to support your child based on their current progress and your end goal.

To learn more about my coaching for parents or to enquire about private tutoring in London, the UK and internationally, please get in touch with me at Believe in Learning; private tutor in London.

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"The secret is out! 'The Secret to Happy Homework' reveals the wonderful lessons that taught my children so much more than how to pass their exams. I’m so glad the wisdom of these approaches is now available to more families."


Tunku Dato Yaacob Khyra, Prince of Malaysia

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