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Maybe your child is clearly smart and capable enough to do well, but whenever it comes time to do their schoolwork they just can’t seem to focus or they never bring home the right books. Although it can seem like they’re just not trying, often they may actually be struggling with a weak executive function.

Executive functions are a core family of mental processes that allow us to complete tasks effectively. They include skills like self-control, mental flexibility and working memory. 

However, children aren’t born with all these functions, and can develop them at different rates. Even as adults, we’re all stronger at some and weaker at others. But weaknesses in childhood in functions important for school can create barriers to your child’s learning.  

As an executive functions coach I work with children to identify what, where and why they have obstacles and give them the right tools to learn more successfully and feel more confident. After coaching your child will understand how to create their own strategies to keep track of time, plan ahead and stay focused.

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