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SuperLearners Course

The SuperLearners course gives students the keys to unlock their full learning potential. 

Over eight sessions we take a deep dive into the various aspects of effective learning. Your child will discover their SuperBrain:  how to learn information easier and faster, store and recall facts more effectively and develop a 'growth mindset'. They’ll learn how to boost their focus and memory, bounce back from failure and set fun learning goals.

Children leave the SuperLearners Course feeling clear and confident about how they learn best and with a passion to learn more.

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Creativity Course by Believe in Learning, private tutor, London

Creativity Course

This course shows students how to tap into their natural creativity for school and life.  

We start by busting the common myths about creativity that make many people think they’re not creative. Then we jump straight into learning a simple 5-step process to develop creative thinking and problem solving. This is a completely hands-on course  - children get lots of chances to practice the creative process by coming up with innovative ideas and finding solutions to real challenges they’re facing. 

If you would like to discuss the Believe in Learning creativity course or opportunities for private tutoring in London, the UK or worldwide, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Goal-Setting Course

Whether your child wants to improve on the sports field or achieve a high grade at the end of the year, knowing how to set goals will give them the skills and motivation to get there.  

Children learn the proven SMART method for setting their own goals. They’ll learn how to break their goals down into achievable steps, manage their time and practice strategies to overcome setbacks. Students leave the Goal-Setting course with a transferable skill they can apply to school, sports, music or hobbies.

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Revision for exams, tuition and online private tutor, London

Revision and Study Skills Course

This is a course for any student who wants to know how to study smart, not hard and beat exam anxiety. 

Students bring their own work to the sessions and make a revision schedule based on their own work. They learn how to take proper notes, strategies to improve their memory and proven revision strategies like spaced repetition and active recall.

After two days, they’ll leave confident that they can tackle all future examinations confidently and without burning out. 

If you would like to learn more about these courses or looking for a private tutor in London, the UK and internationally? Please get in touch with me at Believe in Learning.

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"Omari is a gifted, dedicated teacher and his deep care for children and those who are supporting them shines through in this practical, insightful guide to making homework a happier, more fulfilling practice. Thank you for writing this book, Omari - parents, teachers, caregivers, you are holding a gem in your hands."

Robert & Hollie Holden, Father and Author of Happiness Now & Mother and Founder of the Presence of Love Network

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