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Happy Homework™Programme

Turn Homework Stress Into Homework Success


What Is the Happy Homework™ Programme?

Are you tired of repeating the same old arguments with your child over homework? Most children see homework as something they’re forced to do and unfortunately you’re the one that gets the blame! But imagine what would change if your child actually looked forward to his homework and so did you! That’s what the Happy Homework™ Programme is about.

This five-week programme is based upon the 7 Laws of Success from my book The Secret to Happy Homework, which families have been using to turn their experience of homework around.

The course is filled with practical advice and simple techniques you can use to make homework fun, effective and meaningful. After this course your child will want to do their best, not because you told them to, but because it feels natural to them.

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“Happier children are more motivated, more resilient and more successful. So, if we’re really interested in their potential, let’s start there.”


What Will I Learn on the Happy Homework™ Programme?

How to Learn Successfully 

  • Proven systems to pursue learning goals that inspire your children
  • Tips to increase attention spans and improve memory for school
  • The best strategies for handling exam stress and revising effectively

How to Parent Successfully 

  • Help your child be responsible and make good choices
  • The secrets to motivating your understretched or overstretched child
  • Drama-free solutions for effective discipline without the carrots and sticks

How to Grow Successfully 

  • Powerful lessons for you to share with your child on growth mindset, grit and failure
  • Simple ways you can start practicing gratitude and mindfulness for kids at home
  • Uncover your child's unique strengths so they can produce their best work


“For too long, homework has driven a wedge between loving families. That's why this book is dedicated to homework that makes the home work.” 









Course Details

The Happy Homework™ Programme is a 5-session course for parents and a chance for you to receive guidance on applying all the principles from The Secret to Happy Homework book in your home.  There are lots of great activities and fun homework exercises to try out with your child. I also provide ongoing support and feedback to help you get the most out of the programme.

“I want to give children the skills to do more than survive in today’s changing and unpredictable world. I want them to thrive.”

“Most parents only ask their kids "What did you learn at school today?" A far more important question would be "HOW did you learn at school today?”

If you would like to learn more about the Happy Homework Programme, why not get in touch to receive a free chapter of The Secret To Happy Homework. Alternatively, contact me at Believe in Learning, if you would like to book an appointment for a private tutor in London, the UK or internationally.

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"The secret is out! 'The Secret to Happy Homework' reveals the wonderful lessons that taught my children so much more than how to pass their exams. I’m so glad the wisdom of these approaches is now available to more families."

Tunku Dato Yaacob Khyra, Prince of Malaysia

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