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Hi there! My name is Omari Eccleston-Brown and I offer private tutoring services in London, the UK and internationally. I can help your child achieve better grades, pass that big exam or get into their first choice school or university while developing their skills at a much broader level.

I teach Maths, English and Spanish but also a number of specialist skill courses which cover executive functions, goal-setting and creative thinking. I'm a passionate believer in the power of learning. I think it can be an exciting and exhilarating experience. I want students to feel the same and I'll achieve that through fun, exciting lessons that your child will love.

If you would like to find out more about my private tutoring in London, the UK and internationally, please get in touch with me at Believe in Learning.





Private tutor in london, Believe in Learning


I provide English, Maths and Spanish lessons in an interesting, engaging environment where your child will flourish. 

One on One & Group Sessions

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Online tuition London


Wherever you are based, I can provide high quality and reliable online tuition in English, Maths and Spanish, as well as bespoke exam preparation to help your child reach their goals.

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Executive Functions, Believe in Learning

Executive Functions

If your child is struggling to organise themselves, get work done on time or control their emotions my Executive Functions programme will give them specific, personalized strategies to identify and overcome their learning barriers and become confident students.

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Believe in Learning, Mentoring and tuition


Sometimes your child needs a little positive support to navigate life's challenges, whether that's overcoming emotional difficulties or reaching that big dream. I offer a mentoring service to give them the roadmap they need.

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tuition by private tutor in london, Believe in Learning, London

Coaching for Parents

Personalized strategies and drama-free solutions are just two of the ways I can support you to learn with your child at home and reach your goals with ease and confidence.

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London, Private Tutor

Schools Consultancy

I offer guidance and support to help you choose the best school for your child and get the most out of it once they're there.

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5-Week Happy Homework™ Programme

Homework shouldn't be a burden. It can be a rewarding activity that brings you and your child closer together. The Happy Homework™ Programme is my simple 5-step process to help you turn homework stress into homework success! 

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private tutor in london, Believe In Learning


Specialist Skills Courses


SuperLearners Course

Supercharge your child's brain and their learning with my SuperLearners course. They'll learn how to maximize their memory, increase quality focus and triumph over failure. 

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Creativity Course

Equip your child with the tools they need to succeed now and in the future. On my Creativity course they'll learn how to find outside of the box solutions, collaborate on new ideas and rise to the challenge of change.

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Goal-Setting Course

Knowing how to set clear goals is the key to unlocking academic achievement and higher motivation in school. Whether your child is underperforming, often distracted or feels overwhelmed by schoolwork, this course will teach them how to plan, prioritise and manage their time effectively.

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Revision and Study Skills Course

Revising effectively is an essential skill, but it's rarely taught in schools. This programme will teach your child proven strategies such as effective note-taking and spaced repetition, as well as techniques to avoid cramming and exam burnout so they can ace their exam.

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What is Believe in Learning?

Believe in Learning is about igniting a lifelong passion for learning so children can thrive in school and beyond.

As a parent, Believe in Learning is a place you can come for expert tuition, guidance and solutions. Your child will be treated as an individual and receive the personalized support they need to unlock their full potential.

For students, Believe in Learning is where they'll find simple explanations to complex topics, a wide range of downloadable resources and many other tools to make learning fun, fast and easy.

If you're looking for an online or private tutor in London, the UK or worldwide, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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